Best Dog Adventure Blogs and Profiles to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Feeling stuck while trying to plan your next dog-friendly trip? We’ve found twenty of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles to inspire your next adventure and keep those good times going!


The Twenty Best Dog Adventure Blogs And Profiles To Inspire Your Next Adventure

How Dog-Friendly Adventure Blogs Can Inspire Your Next Outdoor Escapade

Blogs are the perfect launch pad when planning your adventure. Traveling with a Dachshund and looking for specific information? There’s a blog for that.


Hiking as a couple with your dog? You guessed it – there’s a blog for that! It’s easier than ever to find your outdoor community. 


We’ve scoured the globe (virtually) to bring you the best of the best no matter your location. Whether you’re planning a trip to a new location or hoping to find a hidden gem in your hometown, these doggy adventure blogs are excellent sources of inspiration.


Top Ten Dog Adventure Blogs

1. Two Humans and a Dog

Two Humans and a Dog is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles to check out.


Lauren and Jon, along with their gorgeous Pomskollie pup Belka, started their blog to show travelers that you can find adventure at any stage of life. Between the three of them, they’ve tackled everything from kayaking in the Galapagos Islands to the Trans-Siberian Rail Road. If you’re planning on taking your adventures to an international level (or simply love to daydream), Two Humans and a Dog is a must-read.


2. Hiking Girl with Dog

Hiking Girl With Dog is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles to inspire your next adventure.


Hiking Girl with Dog is just that – a girl and her dog. Jamie is an outdoor dog photographer who loves hiking through some of America’s most beautiful national parks with her dog, Xena.


If you want to start hiking solo with your dog, then this blog will be all the encouragement you need. It’s your one-stop shop for gear reviews, trail recommendations, and gorgeous photography. 


3. Dog on a Road Trip

Dog On A Road Trip Travel Blog is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles online.


The Dog on a Road Trip blog highlights the best moments of traveling with your dog. After joining their furever family, these rescue pals have gone on to live their absolute best lives, encouraging others to chase those summer-long road trip highs. You’ll feel like a part of the pack as you deep dive through their in-depth blog posts that cover everywhere from Canada through to Arizona.


4. You Did What With Your Weiner?

You Did What With Your Wiener is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles.


Calling all current and aspiring Dachshund owners! Jessica is a scientist-turned Dachshund mom aiming to educate and inspire owners to tackle the outdoors with their pups. While her advice is penned with her beloved breed in mind, there are still plenty of helpful tips and tricks that can be used while traveling with dogs of any kind.


You Did What With Your Weiner also touches on training, puppy care, and navigating health risks while exploring with your dog. 


5. The Tropical Dog

The Tropical Dog is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles to visit.


Together, Maria and her beloved dog Shark have explored Mauritius, Morocco, France, Greece, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and the USA. You’ll feel like you’re right there beside them as you immerse yourself in their tales and tips. If you’re looking for inspiration when planning an international trip with a dog, this is the blog for you.


6. Wolf and I Co. Blog

Wolf & I Co. Blog is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles with informational content.


Hailing from sunny Australia, Wolf & I Co. is a fun and fresh dog brand with an up-and-coming travel blog attached. There’s a particularly strong focus on off-roading, so if you love getting off of the beaten track with your pup, then you’ll find plenty of advice here. Indulge your senses as they interview traveling dog owners, covering everything from avoiding leopards while off-roading in South Africa to driving across Europe with a happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever.


7. Long Haul Trekkers

Long Haul Trekkers is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles with useful resources.


Long Haul Trekkers began with a two-year-long, dog-friendly bicycle ride across Europe and South America. Now, it’s an encyclopedia full of fantastic outdoor adventures for you and your pup. Brush up on your dog training skills, find a new pet-friendly hotel, or jump into the comments section and chat directly with other explorers.


8. Groundbird Gear

Groundbird Gear is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles.


Known for its high-quality doggy hiking gear, Groundbird Gear also run an awe-inspiring blog. Focused on thru-hiking with dogs, Groundbird interviews various adventurous duos and provides a platform for avid hikers to share the tricks that they use to keep their furry friends happy on the trail.


9. Camping with Dogs

Camping With Dogs is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles.


Camping with Dogs covers the A-Z of dog-friendly camping, from choosing a campsite to the ins and outs of camping in the Bernese Alps. Camping with Dogs is the perfect blog if you’re new to camping or simply looking for a way to switch up your regular weekend adventure. 


10. Woof the Beaten Path

Woof The Beaten Path is one of the best dog adventure blogs and profiles.


Tired of the same old weekend routine? Why not venture Woof the Beaten Path? This lively pack shares their budget-friendly outdoor adventures that include camping, hiking, and plenty of fun.


You’ll also find great recommendations for affordable gear and gadgets that will make traveling with your dogs a breeze!


Finding And Sharing Dog-Friendly Adventures On Instagram

Immerse yourself in rich visuals and breathtaking snaps that will have you and your dog running for the door!


In 2023, searching for inspiration on Instagram is easier than ever. While there are still plenty of great hashtags to scroll through, the platform has adopted a more keyword-focused approach to searching. Simply typing in basic phrases like “dog-friendly Utah” or “outdoor dog activities” will bring up thousands of helpful posts made by everyday explorers.


Real-time sharing also allows you to take a glimpse at the current state of a destination. You will no longer need to rely on outdated stock images, written reviews, or your Google Maps sleuthing skills when planning your adventure. 


To make organizing your inspiration easier than ever, Instagram also allows you to create customizable folders where you can save all of your favorite posts. Break them down by location, activity, or training approach – it’s completely up to you!


The Best Doggy Instagrams

1. wander_with_willow


This account will have you dreaming of snowy peaks and crisp mountain air. Sharing the rugged adventures of their beautiful Wolfdogs, @wander_with_willow is the definition of #adventuregoals. If this account doesn’t inspire you to drop everything and plan that next road trip, we aren’t sure what will!


2. walkingdogtraining 


It’s easier to enjoy time outdoors with your dog when you know that you’re prepared for anything. As any dog owner knows, the best way to feel prepared is to be at the top of your training game. Bethany from @walkingdogtraining shares fantastic reels and infographics that will benefit both you and your pooch.


3. dogsthathike


We think that @dogsthathike is the ultimate dog travel Instagram account – and it seems that their 235k followers agree. This feature account takes the best travel captures, gear reviews, and training advice from across the platform and compiles it all into one adventure-inspiring feed. You’ll have access to some beautiful content and be introduced to some great new creators to follow, too.


4. ambpitch


Amber and her pack – Sage, Arrow, and Ayla – have done it all. Following along at @ambpitch as they tackle everything from bikejoring to paddleboarding together.


Amber also shares reflections on losing her first best friend, Ariel, and the bittersweet heartaches of exploring with a senior dog. Her raw honesty and beautiful words will hit home with any owner who has had to say goodbye to their most beloved outdoor companion. 


5. roman.around.scotland


There is only one way to make Scotland’s beautiful landscapes look more appealing – and that’s by popping Roman in the foreground. Following the escapades of this handsome Border Collie will inevitably invoke your wanderlust no matter where you are.


6. mila.the.mali


Calling all water lovers! Mila is a Belgian Malinois with a penchant for dock-diving and protection work, amongst a host of other talents. Follow along and grab some inspiration for your own dock-diving adventures as you watch Mila smash records and develop her skills.


7. winniethecattledog


Many dog owners assume that reactive dogs aren’t suited to outdoor adventures. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Winnie is an adorable Australian Cattle Dog who, alongside her dog mom April, is smashing the stereotypes that surround reactive pups and the way we expect them to behave.


Tag along for the ride as Winnie shows dog owners worldwide that reactivity doesn’t need to be an insurmountable obstacle when it comes to exploring the outdoors. 


8. elena.pressprich 


Explore the world through the eyes of Elena as her and her four-legged best friends share their favorite hikes, cabins, and road-trip highlights. This account strikes the perfect balance of raw moments and breathtaking imagery. Elena is based in Oregon, making her account perfect for those dreaming of exploring the Pacific Northwest.


9. theadventuredobes


Awe-inspiring imagery? Check. Beautiful Dobermans? Check. Fantastic travel tips? Check!


Starring Lonzo and Zen, @theadventuredobes is a go-to account for any big breed lover or owner traveling with multiple dogs. You’ll hit follow for the beautiful imagery before quickly falling in love with the pups and wealth of knowledge behind the account. 


10. mr.archie.thecavoodle


Archie is possibly the cutest explorer on Instagram. Captured on camera by his paw-rents, you can follow his adventures as he travels around Australia by van. Even if an Australian road trip isn’t on the horizon for you and your pooch, this gorgeous account is perfect for your daily dose of travel inspiration.  


Final Thoughts: The Best Dog Adventure Blogs And Profiles

With so many fantastic dog owners and explorers now jumping on the internet to share their unique adventures, it’s easier than ever to find new trails and chase new tails. Taking the time to browse through the best dog adventure blogs and profiles available is sure to inspire your next adventure and liven up your weekends.