Dog bones for aggressive chewers

7 of The Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers (2022)

The word ‘chewing’ may trigger memories of destroyed shoes, destroyed table legs, and the timeless “my dog ate my homework” – but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Having some dog bones for aggressive chewers on hand can help keep your dog occupied and out of trouble.


Why Do Dogs Like Chewing?

dog bones for aggressive chewers

Chewing contributes significantly to your pup’s overall health and wellbeing. Puppies gnaw to ease teething pains, while older dogs chew to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean. It’s also a beneficial way for your dog to release tension or boredom. Or to keep your dog occupied on a long road trip or while on a camping trip.


Satisfying the Aggressive Chewer

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, an average dog bone is likely not enough to satisfy them, and you may soon see them turning their teeth to bigger targets. To prevent this, bones for aggressive chewers need to be hardier, longer-lasting, and provide a greater challenge. 

To narrow down what can quickly turn into an extensive search, here are the seven best dog bones for aggressive chewers and everything you need to know when making your choice. 


Choosing Safe Bones for Aggressive Chewers 

Before selecting a bone, you will need to make sure it is safe for an aggressive chewer. Here are some basic precautions that you must take:

– Choose treats that are an appropriate size for your dog. 

– Ensure that external packaging can be easily removed. 

– Remember that aggressive chewers and breeds with strong jaws are more likely to shatter bones. Ingesting bone fragments can be hazardous and even deadly in more extreme circumstances. Aggressive chewers should always be supervised with treats, no matter how heavy-duty a product claims to be. 


We’ve put together the following table to make it easy to see which bones are the best for aggressive chewers. You can read more detail about each bone after the table if you are curious to know why we’ve chosen these particular bones.



Our Top Pick: 

1. Redbarn Filled Dog Bones Natural Long / Large Bones (Cheese N’ Bacon) 

These flavor-filled treats encourage your pup to use their teeth, tongue, and brain. In addition, working to extract the filling from inside of the bone provides an extra level of stimulation, keeping even the busiest of dogs occupied for an extended period. 

Filled treats are a great alternative if you want to offer added engagement while avoiding the strong odors such as those found in the natural bone marrow. They also come in various sizes and flavors, making them an excellent option for any breed. 

Natural bones are always a shatter risk and can be a choking hazard without adequate supervision. For extra peace of mind, these natural beef femur bones are oven-roasted to increase their durability. 


The Rest of the Best

2. Big Dog Antler Chews – XL Deer Antler Dog Chew 

Antler chews are grease and odor-free, making them a great choice if you are looking for an indoor friendly treat in which your dog can chew with minimal supervision. 

The Big Dog Antler Chews are particularly popular thanks to their larger size and suitability for aggressive chewers. 

Amazon reviewers often mention that these are really long-lasting dog chews. Many say that due to the strength of the antler, their dogs are more likely to gnaw for extended periods. Longer gnawing time reduces the likelihood that active chewers will quickly crack through the bone due to the lack of challenge. 


3. Pet Craft Supply – Femur Centre Knuckle Bones 

These Pet Craft chew-resistant knucklebones are designed with knuckle material on top. As your dog begins to work on the knuckle, this material will fall away to leave the hard bone underneath. This extra layer provides added stimulation for your dog and makes this product perfect for aggressive chewers. 

This particular brand is renowned for its extra-large size, making them ideal for larger breeds. 

The downside to these long-lasting dog bones is their smell and potential to make a mess. The meat is greasy and can easily leave a stain on absorbent surfaces. These treats may be best used in a crate or when supervised outdoors. 


4. Pet Qwerks – Alien BarkBone for Aggressive Chewers 

This Alien BarkBone is made from Nylon and is specially designed for aggressive chewers. It features a full-length textural strip to provide extra stimulation and cleaning assistance. In addition, the BarkBone is infused with a beef stew flavor your dog is guaranteed to go crazy for. 

Nylon chew toys like this are a great alternative to traditional bones and pose far less of a choking hazard, although supervision is still recommended. The material makes a good choice for aggressive chewers of any size, with the BarkBone coming in sizes suitable for dogs up to 85lb. 

If shopping locally is important to you, you can rest easy knowing that this chew and all flavorings are sourced and made within the USA. 


5. JollyBarks – 11 Inch Shin Bones 

The JollyBarks 11″ Shin Bones are a delicious, healthy treat for the bigger pups in your life. 

These bones are packed with naturally-occurring goodies like protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium. As a bonus, they’re also free of all the bad things commonly found in other brands. You won’t see any GMO grains, additives, or preservatives here. These qualities help to aid digestion, resulting in a safe dog chew for an aggressive chewer. 

One downside that many reviewers also agreed with is that these bones do have quite a strong scent despite their claim of being odor-free. However, if this is not a deal-breaker to you, then these chews are still hailed as being a great choice. 


6. K9warehouse – Smoked Beef Marrow Bones 

Marrow bones, in general, are known for their tough nature. Working to remove the marrow occupies dogs for hours at a time, as it is quite an intricate task that requires your pup’s full attention. 

These K9warehouse bones are a great low-calorie option for your dog. Each serving contains a minimum of 30% protein, without any nasty additives or artificial ingredients. 

Reviewers were impressed by the lack of odor and the durability of the bone, with many remarking that a single bone lasted through several hours of vigorous chewing. The product’s large size assists in this area, making it an engaging treat for even the most aggressive chewers. 

One downside is the potential for the marrow to leave grease marks and residue stains on soft surfaces. This is common in all marrow products and makes them more suitable for enjoying outside or in a tiled area. It’s also important to note that dogs should only consume marrow in moderation – it can be incredibly rich. 


7. Pet Craft – Water Buffalo Ear Value Pack 

Highly recommended for teething puppies, these Pet Craft Water Buffalo ears are known for their durability. 

These ears remain popular thanks to their cleanliness and smooth, workable ridges. On top of that, they also happen to be a great pig’s ear alternative at a more affordable price point. 

These long-lasting dog chews come in a pack of 16, with each piece varying in size and shape. Whether these size variations are a positive aspect or a negative one will depend on your situation. Many customers with larger dogs felt that they were simply too small despite the challenge this product offered. 

Owners of small dogs and puppies, however, found the variation led to great value for money. Small and medium dogs can still be just as aggressive in their chewing as larger breeds, and these ears provide a safe, accessible option for them. 


Chewing is Instinctive

Chewing is not a behavior that can, or should, be stopped. Providing a safe outlet for this natural instinct in the form of a long-lasting dog bone is the best way to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy.

If your dog is a destructive chewer, you should further investigate if there are any problems causing this behaviour. The ASPCA’s article on Destructive Chewing is a great reference.