How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet

Every pet owner has had that moment. Innocently, you pick something up off the floor of your car… alongside a massive clump of dog hair. Yuck!


No matter how hard you fight, it sometimes feels like the battle against dog fur just can’t be won. Don’t worry, hope is not lost. Here are the best ways to get dog hair out of car carpet and keep the fur out of those road trips.


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Car Dog Hair – Prevention is Key

Boston Terrier looking out car windowAre you constantly wondering how to remove dog hair from the car? Stubborn dog hair.


If history has taught us anything, it’s that your offense is just as important as your defense. The same principle should apply when trying to stop your car from becoming overrun with dog fur. 


Getting dog hair out of a car carpet is no easy task so a physical barrier is often best. Car seats are no different. Luckily there are heaps of options available to keep your car seat dog hair-free.


Dog Car Seat Covers

Utilizing products such as a car seat cover can make all the difference. These covers act as a barrier, catching the fur and preventing it from becoming caught in those pesky grooves between your seats.


Pet-friendly seat covers also have the added benefit of protecting your interior from claws and muddy paws. One of our favorite choices is this dog seat cover.


Groom Your Dog Before Car Rides

drying a wet dogGrooming your dog before taking a trip will help to remove any loose fur before they are inside the vehicle. A dog brush can release any tangles, giving you a chance to dispose of them properly before venturing out. This step is particularly important if your dog is a heavily shedding breed, like a Pomeranian or a German Shepherd.


Preventative grooming will make the biggest difference in their shedding. You can even include a dedicated car dog hair brush in your dog road trip essentials pack for a quick groom when you stop.


Invest In The Right Cleaning Tools

Struggling with how to remove stubborn dog hair from your car? If you’re facing a more intense dog fur problem, these heavy-duty cleaning tools will provide you with the best results.


A Handheld Vacuum 

A battery-powered, handheld vacuum is essential. The lack of a cord allows you more access. You’ll be able to reach those awkward nooks and crannies you may otherwise miss, like in between the back seats and underneath the floor mats.


If you’re looking for how to get dog hair out of your car carpet, then this will be your most effective method.


car vacuum dog hairThese vacuums are also great if you and your pet frequently travel long distances on the road. Traveling in a compact space with your dog can get messy quickly. Having one of these alongside you on your trip will make it easy to perform quick cleans along the way, saving you from a longer clean when you get back. 


A regular vacuum is still great as a car dog hair remover. Just be prepared for the job to take a little bit longer.


Start by gathering the vacuum nozzles that can get into small spaces. A small upholstery attachment is useful too.


You’ll need to have access to a power socket and have a long power lead so the vacuum can reach into every door of the car. Some modern vehicles have an inbuilt car vacuum – dog hair is the perfect thing to hoover up in one of these. 


car dog hair remover

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are an easy way to remove those stubborn last bits of fur from places like your floor mats, side speakers, and across your dash. While lint rollers can work well on leather car seats, always use caution when trying them on fabric for the first time. If used too roughly or on the wrong material, they can cause piling in the fabric.


Cool Hacks to Get Dog Hair out of Car Carpet

If you want to avoid investing in new tools, then these handy homemade hacks are for you. Some of these might seem crazy but they will definitely earn their place in your kit!



Use a balloon to get dog hair out of car carpet.They may not be as thorough as a lint roller, but balloons are a fantastic tool if you’re hoping to keep your car fur-free on a budget.


Rubbing an inflated balloon back and forth over your car’s seats and interior will create static electricity. This will cause any excess hair or fluff to raise and stick to the balloon’s surface. This trick is great when you’re in a pinch, or looking to quickly clean a smaller area.



Chances are high that you already have one of these lying around in your garage!


Pulling a squeegee across your seats and floor mats will bring all of the hair into a neat pile, ready for you to sweep or vacuum up. This is another great travel trick – a squeegee takes up minimal space and will help keep the car clean during your journey.


Duct Tape

Use duct tape to get dog hair out of car carpet.In a pinch, duct tape can act as a makeshift lint roller. Simply wrap a piece of tape around your hand (sticky side facing out) and press it repeatedly against the fur-ridden seat. The fur will stick to the tape and you’ll be riding hair-free again.


This hack is a little time-consuming when repeated over a bigger area, but incredibly effective if the fur is concentrated on one surface. 


Enjoy The Ride

dog looking out a car window


To get dog hair out of car carpet, you’ll need a plan and to gather the right gear. And it takes some time to de-hair your car interior.


In the grand scheme of things, a little bit of dog hair isn’t the end of the world. If you’re out on the road and not expecting other passengers anytime soon, then roll down the windows and worry about the mess when you get home.


Jenni C.
Jenni C.

Jenni and her dog Bailey take every opportunity to go adventuring together. Now their family of pups has grown to 7. Their favorite places to visit are freshwater lakes and mountains.