The Best Dog Travel Bag: 21 Bags to Keep Your Dog Organized

Whether you prefer catching flights or chasing the open road, choosing the best dog travel bag for your adventure is an easy way to elevate your trip.


Bringing along the wrong bag can quickly turn your trip into a flop. Nobody wants to find themselves scrambling up rocks with a tote bag slipping off of their shoulder. Or, even worse, chasing their dog into the ocean with a bag that’s not waterproof. 


To get the holiday vibes rolling, we’ve gathered the 21 best dog travel bags to keep your dog organized. 


The Benefits of Overnight Bags for Dogs

Before I started bringing along a designated bag for each of my dogs, our adventures were chaotic. There was an unorganized mess of bowls, toys, and treats shoved into every nook and cranny of my own luggage. 


A little research showed that I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Other dogsplorers had found a solution much more quickly than I did: a doggy bag for travel.


best dog travel bag inside a carI never looked back. Why had I been making things so hard for myself?


Packing a separate bag for your dog is a fantastic way to keep everything tidy and together. You can safely store items like medications, leashes, and comfort toys without worrying about them being misplaced.


If you’re super organized, you might even want to keep the bag constantly packed and ready. This makes for an easier getaway and means spontaneous trips are that much more achievable. Just grab and go!


Choosing the Best Dog Travel Bag for Your Pooch

1. Style of Bag


A dog travel backpack is best suited for explorers who like to get off the beaten track while on vacation with their dog. I would strongly recommend a backpack if you need to rely on your center of gravity a lot: think hiking, climbing, or running. 


Backpacks make for great carry-on luggage, too. Even larger backpacks can usually be compressed and easily stored in the overhead compartment.


Shoulder Bags

best dog travel bag, shoulder bagShoulder bags are a fantastic choice for traveling with your dog! They tend to have more purpose-built pockets and adjustable straps, as well as come in a wider variety of sizes.


These bags are definitely the best bags for all-around traveling. You won’t have any trouble storing them while flying or when squeezing them into your car for a road trip.


The only downside? Shoulder bags can feel a little bit awkward. I find that wearing them crossbody can alleviate this a bit, but they still aren’t as good as a backpack when hiking.



Investing in a dog suitcase is a brilliant idea for frequent flyers or long-haul travelers. If you need more than just a carry-on, you really can’t go wrong with a suitcase! They’re more durable (so more likely to survive the cargo hold) and far easier to maneuver long distances thanks to their wheels. 


I would especially recommend a hard-top suitcase if you need to transport sensitive items such as papers or medications, for added peace of mind. 


If you’re traveling by car, however, you may want to give a suitcase a miss. They are definitely one of the bulkier dog travel bags on the market. You also shouldn’t underestimate just how difficult it can be to wheel a suitcase while also handling a dog on a leash. No matter what you do, tangles will happen!


best dog travel bag

2. Size

When deciding which size dog travel bag to purchase, consider the following:


  • The breed of your dog. Bigger dogs will need bigger bowls, which equals needing more space. 
  • How many dogs do you have? Do you want to store everything in one shared bag, or are you packing a separate overnight bag for each dog?
  • Space and/or baggage allowance. If you fly frequently, are you prepared to upgrade your baggage allowance every time to allow for a bigger bag? If you’re a road-tripper, how much spare space do you usually have? Be realistic.


3. Storage and Weight Capacity

The storage capacity of your travel bag is one of the most important factors to consider when making your purchase.


There are so many designs on the market and it can be difficult to know which to choose. Some bags are incredibly minimal, single-pocket backpacks. Others are doggie duffle bags with designated pockets for any imaginable item. 


Only you know which bag you will get the most use out of. Do you prefer an organized packing method, or will you end up just throwing everything in loose anyway?


Remember too that multiple dogs or bigger dogs will require…well, bigger stuff! Investing in a bag with a higher weight capacity will mean greater peace of mind for you. You won’t need to be checking for stretching or worn-down straps anywhere near as often.


21 Best Dog Travel Bags to Keep Your Dog Organized

Our Quick Picks

Best Budget Dog Travel Bag

1. The Ruff Dog Travel Bag

The Ruff Dog Travel Bag is a high-quality overnight backpack at an amazingly low price point. Made of waterproof material and small enough to be tucked under an airplane seat, this dog gear bag is an easy choice for any adventurer. 


Inside, you will find a dedicated dog food compartment, collapsible food and water bowls, and doggy bags with a dispenser. All you need to supply is your pup’s favorite food! 


You won’t be let down by the bag’s construction, either. Sit back and enjoy your trip knowing that your bag will make it through anything with its reinforced stitching and durable material.


Highest Quality Dog Bag for Travel

2. Unique Dog Travel Bag Luggage Set

You and your pup will both be perfectly catered for with this Unique Dog Travel Bag Luggage Set. With up to 23L of space, adjustable shoulder straps, and plenty of pocket space, you’re covered for the basics and beyond.


It’s clear almost immediately that a lot of thought has gone into this design. When you unzip the front pocket, you’ll be greeted by a built-in bowl stand complete with its own stainless steel dog bowls. 


You’ll also find a Unique Dog First Aid Kit case inside. Sized perfectly to fit within one of the mesh pockets, this inclusion means you’ll always have quick access to your supplies in an emergency situation. 


While it might cost a little more than some other options, this bag is worth its weight in gold. When you add up the cost of supplying the additional extras yourself, on top of another bag, you might even end up saving. Money win!


Best Pre-Packed Travel Bag for Dogs

3. ARCA Pet Travel Bag Dog Backpack

The ARCA Pet Travel Backpack has 11 individual pockets, a pet food storage bag, and two collapsible travel bowls. It’s almost the equivalent of having somebody pack for you… just a little more cost-effective. 


This doggie weekend bag was created with human comfort in mind, too. Treat yourself to some peace of mind with the bags’ water-resistant fabric and reinforced straps.


Premium faux leather-lined handles and adjustable padded straps also make the ARCA a must-have for any long-haul adventurer.


Our Top Dog Bags

Best Dog Bags with Collapsible Travel Bowls

4. OllyDog Kibble Carrier 

If your dog is food-motivated, always having treats on hand is key to a smooth vacation. Luckily, the OllyDog Kibble Carrier takes food storage to the next level with its 5lb capacity.


It features a handy quick-release buckle, waterproof lining, and a snap closure roll top to prevent pests and moisture from interfering with your dog’s food. 


The material is both PVC-free and made from durable recycled fabrics. To clean? Just take some warm water and pet-safe detergent and rinse!


A small mesh pocket at the base is allocated for items like bowls and toys. This bag is a fantastic choice as a secondary carry-on or for someone who only travels with the bare necessities.


5. Teamoy Double Layer Dog Travel Bag

The Teamoy Double Layer Dog Travel Bag comes in four colorways, two sizes, and with a ton of fun features. 


Inside this easy-to-clean shoulder bag, you will find two lined food containers, two collapsible silicone bowls, and even a water-resistant placemat. It’s any hungry puppy’s dream (and a breeze to clean up). 


With enough room to accommodate two small dogs on a week-long trip, you won’t need to worry about leaving a single toy behind.


Meanwhile, you can enjoy the padded handle and easily-adjustable shoulder strap.


6. Wakytu Dog Travel Bag

This airline-approved dog carry-on bag includes everything your dog needs for a fur-tastic weekend away. Priced at under $30, the Wakytu Dog Travel Bag is an absolute steal.


Most importantly, it’s a foodie’s dream, with two 3.5L food containers and two silicone pet bowls included. The front pocket also doubles as a fold-out placemat and storage compartment to keep roadside mealtimes mess-free. 


The bag has a total storage capacity of 25L, with the straps and handles being sewn to withstand up to 30kg.


Best Backpack for Both You and Your Dog

7. PetAmi Dog Travel Backpack

The PetAmi Dog Travel Backpack is the perfect companion bag at a competitive price point. 


Featuring padded shoulder straps, a waist buckle, and leak-proof lining, this dog travel backpack will help you navigate every minute of your holiday with ease. 


You’ll be prepared for any situation with the poop bag dispenser pocket and 27L capacity. You can pack to your heart’s content while still staying organized with the inner compartments and spacious pockets. 


While your dog probably doesn’t care about stepping out and style, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Showcase your personality by selecting one of the two neutral shades, a vibrant colorway, or a fun striped print. Mix and match depending on your outfit and your mood.


8. Mobile Dog Gear Dog Travel Backpack

Made for the more adventurous traveler, this Mobile Dog Gear backpack is highly durable. It is made of ballistic polyester, making it abrasion resistant and perfect for roughing it in the wilderness.


This doesn’t mean that it comes without any luxury features, however. The included placemat and silicone bowls will make it feel like you’re staying in a five-star resort. Almost. 


The main appeal of this bag is its large amount of storage. With additional side pockets, a spacious interior, and a drop bottom, you’ll never be short on space. 


9. BAGLHER Dog Travel Backpack

Tidy and spacious, the BAGLHER Dog Travel Backpack is a must-have for any avid traveler. You’ll feel comfortable tackling any terrain with the ergonomic straps and waist security belt. 


Neatly tucked inside are two food storage containers and collapsible silica gel bowls. Even with these on board, you’ll still have plenty of room remaining for all those extra items that your dog needs.


Still have a little space left over? The side mesh pocket can fit a kettle or water bottle, making this the perfect all-in-one hiking backpack for any dog owner.


Best Everyday Travel Bag for Dogs

10. Modoker Weekend Pet Travel Set 

The Modoker Weekend Pet Travel Set can hold everything that your pup needs on a day-to-day basis and more. It has plenty of internal space, taking you easily from a day at the park to a day by the beach. 


Inside, you’ll find two snack containers, a removable storage divider, and two collapsible dog bowls. If you’re worried about cramming in water and snacks for yourself, the outside of the bag even has a dedicated water bottle pocket! 


The slightly higher price point of this bag is easily justified by its leak-proof inner lining and dishwasher-safe bowls.


11. Bundaloo Dog Travel Bag

This bag is petite and portable. Its perfect sizing means that the Bundaloo is great for both longer trips and everyday use. 


This five-piece set includes food storage containers, colorful collapsible bowls, and a front flap that doubles as a placemat. Everything you need to simply grab and go!


This everyday bag is a treat for you, too. Prioritize comfort with its convenient design and padded, adjustable straps.


Best Weekend Travel Bag for Dogs

12. Tidify Dog Travel Bag Tote Organizer

If you’re someone who never knows what the weekend is going to throw at you, the Tidify Dog Travel Bag Tote Organizer is a dream come true. 


This large-capacity bag comes with organizational pockets, side buckles, and a dedicated first-aid bag! It’s also made of stain-resistant materials. You won’t find any muddy paw print marks here.


I would especially recommend this bag if you like treating your dog to a sneaky weekend camping trip. The in-built side buckles are perfect for storing a rolled-up blanket or thin camping mat. 


13. WeGo Doggo Weekender Dog Travel Bag

The WeGo Doggo Weekender is fitted out with eleven dog supply storage pockets. Eleven! That’s more than enough room for all of your must-have items.


Further demonstrating its thoughtful construction, this bag is made of easy-to-clean ripstop canvas and reinforced stitching. It also has a waterproof bottom and protective inner foam lining. These extra features make it a perfect addition to any hiking or camping trip. It also has a waterproof bottom and protective inner foam lining. 


Still not convinced? WeGo Doggo also donates sixteen shelter meals for each bag sold. 


If you’re looking for something practical that also contributes to a fantastic cause, you really can’t pass up this doggy weekend bag.


Best Airline Approved Carryon Bags for Dogs

14. Top Dog Pet Gear Travel Bag

Compact yet spacious, the Top Dog Pet Gear Travel Bag has earned the airline seal of approval. It even has a built-in luggage sleeve – simply slide this over your suitcase handle and you’ll be able to stroll around the airport stress-free!


The surprises don’t stop there. Inside, you’ll find a removable divider, two 8-cup collapsible food bowls, and two lined 13-cup dog food containers. 


For extra space, be sure to utilize the outer mesh pockets and a water bottle holder. 


You won’t need another piece of carry-on luggage with this doggy bag in tow. Enjoy having everything you need right at your fingertips, no matter where you are on your journey. 


15. PetAmi Dog Travel Bag

Portable, practical, and pretty? This PetAmi bag offers a lot of great features for a very fair price point.


This airline-approved carry case for dogs is perfect for any stylish owner. The PetAmi Dog Travel Bag comes in nine exciting colors. It also features a built-in luggage sleeve and reflective stripes on the outer material.


It’s small enough to tuck away under an airplane seat while still having room for all of your essentials. Easily catering for one larger dog or even two smaller dogs, the bag includes two dog food containers that hold up to 3L each. You’ll also find two collapsible travel bowls inside.


16. Rubyloo Original Doggy Bag

Rubyloo’s Original Doggy Bag offers everything you need in a doggy carry-on for a fantastic price. They’ve even thrown in a handy 100% lifetime manufacturer guarantee for added peace of mind!


This patented design includes a handy poop bag dispenser, multiple pockets, and a removable divider. While many of the bags in this list come with food storage included, the Rubyloo design features insulation to keep your pups’ food fresh and ready to go at any moment. 


The use of high-quality zippers and sustainable, waterproof fabrics are the perfect finishing touches.


Top Car Organizer and Dog Travel Bag

17. High Road Car Dog Travel Bag

There’s no competition when it comes to the best road trip organizer for dogs. The High Road Car Dog Travel Bag hangs neatly over the bag of the passenger seat and will save your car from feeling like a kennel. 


Featuring five compartments, this bag really can fit it all! It has a dedicated water bottle space and a built-in dog poop bag holder. Inside, it can hold up to 24 cups of dry food. This makes it perfect for bigger companions or multiple smaller dogs. 


The bag has a metal frame closure to prevent any wandering paws from sneaking a treat while you’re distracted.


Best Oversized Dog Travel Bags for Large Breeds

18. Abrimelodi Six Set Dog Travel Bag

Vacations with our bigger friends often require a little more planning. This Abrimelodi Six Set Dog Travel Bag pack eases that workload. 


Making sure you have enough food on hand is a major concern when traveling with a large dog. Luckily, this set has accounted for that. Inside you will find two 5L food storage containers, two collapsible bowls, and even a special dog treat pouch!


The cherry on top? All of these storage containers are perfectly safe for your dog. Abrimelodi has used eco-friendly, non-toxic materials to create a leak-proof lining that will keep your kibble nice and dry.


Best Compact Dog Travel Bag for Smaller Breeds and Puppies

19. BABEYER Dog Travel Bag

The BABEYER Dog Travel Bag makes for an ideal small dog or puppy travel bag. 


Just because it suits smaller dogs, however, doesn’t mean that it’s short on space. It has a large-capacity main compartment, plus an array of external pockets and organizational options. 


Two petite bowls and a puppy-sized water bottle are also included, making dinner time on the go simpler than ever. 


Most Stylish Travel Bag for Dogs

20. WAHL Professional Animal Travel Tote Bag

Simple but stylish. The WAHL Professional Animal Tote Bag has three fun designs to choose from, each involving bold paw prints in statement colors. Your pooch will be the star of the campground with this as their bag. 


The six exterior pockets and spacious interior make it easy to store everything you need for an exciting weekend away. 


Nylon padding and durable handles make the technical aspects almost as exciting as the beautiful exterior. At such a fair price point, I definitely wouldn’t overlook this personalized dog travel bag.


21. beka. Dog Travel Bag

While the beka. Dog Travel Bag is more understated in presentation, its sleek modern design still makes for a beautiful bag. 


This carry case for dogs aims to make your pup feel at home no matter where they are. Its placemat, collapsible silicone bowls, and waterproof food containers will do just that. 


The cherry on top is the included ID tag. You’ll never need to worry about misplacing a favorite toy with this personalized dog travel bag as your carry-on.


Final Thoughts: Choosing the Best Dog Travel Bag for Your Adventure

Gone are the days of just choosing whichever bag is the biggest. Now, you can personalize your choice right down to the stitching of the handle. While this level of choice means you have plenty of options, it can also feel overwhelming. 


When making your purchase, focus on your dog and your lifestyle. The best dog travel bag for you isn’t necessarily the trendiest or the most expensive: it’s the one that suits your needs.