Choosing the Best Dog Pen for Camping: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting off on a camping journey with your beloved pet can be an exciting experience, but making sure they are safe and contained is essential. A dog pen for camping provides the perfect solution to keep your pet secure while enjoying the great outdoors.


Whether you’re planning an RV camping trip or just need a reliable exercise 8-panel pet playpen for your wet dog after swimming sessions at the lake – this comprehensive guide on choosing the right dog pen for camping has got you covered!


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog Pen For Camping

Camping with your dog can be a bark-tastic adventure, but it comes with its own set of challenges. One of them is making sure your furry buddy stays safe and secure. Consider these factors before buying a dog pen for camping:


Material and Durability

dog pen with cageLook for pens made from sturdy materials that can withstand the elements and energetic dogs.


For the big and brawny pups out there, metal or steel dog fences are the paw-fect choices. These sturdy barriers can withstand the elements and keep your canine companion out of harm’s way. No more worrying about your pup toppling over flimsy fences.



Want to avoid lugging around heavy gear on your camping trip? No problemo. There are plenty of lightweight options available that offer convenience without compromising your pet’s safety.


If you’re a dog-loving camper, portable dog fences are your new best friend. They keep your pup safe, give them room to frolic, and won’t break the bank or your back during transportation. Plus, these fences fold down compactly, so they won’t hog up precious space in your car or RV.


Security and Safety

step-through door access of dog pen for campingWhen shopping for a dog pen for camping, prioritize safety to ensure your dog is secure and you have peace of mind during your camping escapades. A well-built enclosure should have security features like a double latch step-through door access to keep pets safe in the exercise pen. Rounded edges are also important to protect your dog from injury.


Just remember, while security is important, your pet’s comfort matters too. Look for pens that provide plenty of space for them to move around and be happy within their boundaries.


Ease of Setup

Don’t waste precious time struggling with assembly – choose a user-friendly pen that is easy to set up and fold away.



When it comes to choosing a dog pen for camping, size matters. The pen should be spacious enough for your pup to have ample room and also firmly secured, to avoid any potential breakouts.


Make sure there’s enough room for your dog to move around comfortably without feeling cramped or restricted. Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a majestic German Shepherd, there’s a dog fence size that’ll work like a charm.


Sizing Guide For Choosing The Right Dog Pen For Camping

  • Small breeds: If you own smaller breeds such as Dachshunds or Pomeranians, pens measuring between 24-30 inches would suffice.
  • Medium-sized breeds: Breeds like Beagles or Bulldogs would require slightly larger pens ranging from 36-42 inches.
  • Larger breeds: For bigger dogs such as German Shepherds or Labradors, opt for pens measuring at least 48 inches in height.

Selecting the right-sized pen not only ensures comfort but also reduces the chances of your pet feeling cramped up, leading them to want to break free. Remember – happy pets make better travel companions.


Planning a camping trip with your furry friend? Don’t forget their comfort and safety. Invest in versatile dog pens that work both indoors and outdoors.


Extra Features

In addition to these factors, consider if any extra features, like built-in sunshades or attachable water bowls, would benefit you and your pooch.


7 of the Best Dog Pens for Camping

Planning a camping trip with your furry friend? If you’re into old-school pet containment, traditional RV dog fences are the way to go. These sturdy structures keep your furry friends safe and sound while they enjoy the great outdoors.


1. MidWest Dog Exercise Pen

If you’re looking for a portable and lightweight metal playpen, the MidWest Dog Exercise Pen is a good choice. You can fold it flat for convenient storage or while traveling on to your next camping trip. It is also easy to set up in seconds without any tools required for assembly.


The MidWest Exercise pen has eight 2-foot-wide panels that provide an enclosed area measuring 1.5 meters which should be spacious enough for one dog. For easy assembly, it also comes with thumb snaps and ground anchors for outdoor use.


While bringing an extra crate is not necessary if you have a playpen, the MidWest pen easily attaches to a crate so your dog can have a playspace area and get back to its crate conveniently.


This exercise pen has a secure double latch step-through door access that allows your dog to step easily into or out of the pen. However, this product is not recommended for puppies or dogs that jump.


Overall, with its sturdy construction and convenient folding mechanism, the MidWest Dog Exercise Pen is the ideal dog pen for camping.


2. Yaheetech Dog Playpen

Another option to consider is the iron dog fence by Yaheetech. It’s got a door twist lock to keep even the most curious pups from making a great escape. Plus, it’s foldable and easy to transport, so you can set it up wherever you roam.


This dog fence is easy to assemble in a few minutes without the need for tools. You can choose from as little as a 6-panel fence or even up to 32 panels, providing enough room for multiple pets while keeping them safe in the exercise pen. It also has rounded edges to protect your dog from injury and stakes to anchor the panels to outdoor terrain.


The best part? These pens are built to last. Made from top-notch materials like iron or steel, they can handle rough weather and energetic pets without breaking a sweat. No need to worry about them failing when you require them most.


When it comes to bang for your buck, a traditional RV dog fence like the Yaheetech Dog Playpen is a smart investment. They’re built to go the distance, making them perfect for frequent camping trips with your four-legged buddy.


3. MyPet Petyard Passage

Planning a camping trip with your dog? Consider investing in an affordable and durable outdoor pet enclosure like the MyPet Petyard fencing. This lightweight yet sturdy pen provides safety and peace of mind while allowing your furry friend to enjoy the great outdoors within boundaries.


This 8-panel pet enclosure weighs only 24 pounds, making it a breeze to transport. But don’t be fooled by its weight – this pen is tough as nails. It can handle the wild adventures of the great outdoors while keeping your dog safe and sound.


The small swinging door allows your dog to go in and out of the pen or you can choose to lock it to secure your pet inside. Compared to other playpens, this enclosure is made of strong, durable plastic which lessens the risk of a metal frame harming your dog.


The best part? This fencing offers the perfect combo of affordability and sturdiness for outdoor use.


Going camping with a canine companion can be both an enjoyable and demanding experience. With an affordable yet sturdy outdoor pet enclosure like the MyPet Petyard fencing, you can ensure your furry friend’s safety while giving them the freedom to enjoy nature within boundaries. More time to soak up the great outdoors together.


4. BestPet Dog Playpen

The BestPet Dog PlayPen is available in four different sizes, ensuring there’s an option suitable for every breed type. No matter the size of your pup, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, the BestPet pen range has an option for you.


This dog fence’s design allows for multiple shape configurations depending on your needs, like a rectangle or an octagon. Setting it up in any shape you prefer should only take a few minutes so your dog can enjoy more time on the playpen.


With its sturdy rust-resistant metal frame, this pen provides increased longevity and durability making it a good choice for frequent campers. Its easy assembly also equates to easy storage with its collapsible design.


You can choose from different panel heights whichever is best suited for your dog. The fence’s gate, however, may be a bit narrow for humans but should be wide enough for your pet to enter and exit the playpen.


If you and your pup love to go camping but find it a hassle to keep your dog on a leash, the BestPet Dog Playpen will provide plenty of room for your furry friend to play in without feeling too restrained.


5. Giantex Dog Fence

The Giantex Dog Fence offers a one-size-fits-all solution. This weatherproof and rust-proof model provides ample space for most dogs while withstanding outdoor elements like rain or snow during your camping trips. Its 16-panel option is an ideal choice for large dogs so you don’t have to worry about them not having enough room to play or relax.


If you’re looking for a playpen for long-time use, its heavy-duty metal material will not disappoint. Similar to the BestPet dog playpen, you can also rearrange the panels into different layouts to meet your style and needs. It also has rounded edges and doors with double locks so your pet won’t get loose easily.


The Giantex pet exercise pen is foldable and extensible which means you can connect another set to expand your playpen. It is easy to set up with no tools required and just as easy to break down for convenient storage or portability.


While this is ideal for large dogs, it still may not fit the largest breed through the fence’s door, so make sure to check your dog’s size before purchasing one. The panels may also be a bit flimsy for large jumpy dogs but should be sturdy enough to keep them inside the pen.


Overall, the Giantex Dog Fence works perfectly in keeping your dog contained in a space when you’re camping outdoors.


6. IRIS USA Pet Playpen

The IRIS pen comes with up to six panels that you can arrange in multiple configurations according to your needs. The stakes anchor it securely into the ground, making it difficult for even large breeds or high-energy dogs to knock down or escape from. If you’re looking for more space, you can expand the size with additional panels.


Made from heavy-duty plastic material, this playpen is built to last and resist damage from chewing or scratching. It’s easy to set up and take down without any tools required – perfect when you’re on the go. You can also use it as an exercise pen during camping trips or at home as a pet gate or barrier when needed.


Camping trips with energetic dogs can be challenging, but using a heavy-duty playpen like the IRIS USA Pet Playpen can help manage their behavior and keep them safe. This durable enclosure is easy to set up, versatile for various uses, and provides a secure space for your furry friend to expend their energy without causing chaos in the campsite.


7. Precision Pet Play Yard

Last, but not least, the Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard is a different option for when you’re looking for a pen that does not need any setup. This playpen has mesh panels to provide airflow and visibility while keeping your dog safe inside. It is lightweight and portable and includes a carrying case and shoulder strap with removable top and bottom panels.


This play yard is perfect for introducing pets to new environments since it looks like a kennel but with a different material. Your dog has enough space to roam while keeping them safe. It also comes with heavy-duty zippers and side pockets that you can use as storage for leashes, treats, or accessories.


The Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard has reinforced corners and protected seams for durability. Its soft-sided design eliminates sharp edges or hard surfaces that could harm your pet. Made from water-resistant material, this pen can withstand outdoor elements.


In general, the mesh panels of the Precision Pet Play Yard are a good alternative to collapsible pens that may become flimsy at times. This is also a perfect choice if you’re someone who prefers having a dog playpen that does not need too much setting up.


Bonus Alternative: SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

For tech-savvy campers who love to take their canine companions on adventures, SpotOn GPS Fence systems offer an innovative solution. This innovative technology allows you to set virtual perimeters that sync with your dog’s collar, creating an invisible fence wherever you go.


Setting Up Your Virtual Perimeter With SpotOn

The setup process is straightforward. Verify that the region where you would like to build your limit is at least half an acre in area. Then, walk around this space while holding down a button on the SpotOn device; it will record your path and establish this as the perimeter for your pet.


This advanced technology provides reliable boundaries without needing calibration or physical barriers like traditional fences or pens. It’s perfect if you’re moving between multiple locations during your trip because all it takes is walking a new route to set up a different boundary.


You can even save up to ten different maps in case there are certain camping spots or parks that you frequently visit with your pup. Despite their convenience, high-tech solutions like SpotOn GPS Fence System should not replace responsible pet ownership practices such as constantly monitoring our pets and ensuring they are safe.


Apart from setting boundaries for our dogs during camping trips using high-tech solutions like SpotOn GPS Fence System, we must also consider other factors when choosing suitable containment methods for them – including their breed size, temperament, and energy levels among others.


Exuberant Dogs During Camping Trips

Camping trips with your furry friends can be a thrilling experience. However, managing exuberant dogs whose energy levels might go overboard can pose challenges. You want to ensure they have fun but also stay safe and not cause chaos at the campsite.


Managing Energetic Dogs With Heavy-Duty Playpens

A great solution for this is using heavy-duty playpens that are designed to withstand even the most energetic of pets, providing them with a secure space where they can expend their energy without causing havoc around the campsite.


puppy biting dog fence

In addition, positive reinforcement plays an important role here too. When introducing your dog into this new environment (the playpen), reward good behavior such as calmness inside the pen with treats and praise. This will help make transitions smoother and faster while keeping everyone happy – including other campers.


Maintaining control of your pet’s behavior during camping trips doesn’t mean limiting their freedom; instead, it’s about ensuring safety while still allowing them plenty of room for fun activities. So next time you plan a trip outdoors, don’t forget about investing in durable dog pens.


Easing Pets Into New Environments

Some dogs who are not used to being contained may find it difficult to adjust to being in a playpen. They may experience transition anxieties that you do not want them to have during your camping trip. Fortunately, this problem should be resolved with training.


puppy inside dog playpenYou can train your dog with some effective techniques to help them transition. Use positive reinforcement like treats or praise to encourage your pet to associate the pen with good experiences. You can also add their favorite toy or blanket to the pen for extra security.


Having a familiar enclosure makes traveling easier for dogs. They find comfort in familiarity. Keep pens handy at home and during travel to help them adjust faster.


FAQs in Relation to Dog Pen for Camping

Do dogs enjoy camping?

Yes, most dogs love camping. It provides them with a chance to explore new environments and spend quality time with their owners.

How do you make a temporary dog fence?

You can create a temporary dog fence using portable panels or netting materials. Ensure it’s secure enough to keep your pet safe.

How do you tie a dog up when camping?

Tying up your pet while outdoors should be done carefully using sturdy leashes attached securely to immovable objects.


puppies inside dog pen for camping


When it comes to dog pens for camping, there’s a whole bunch of options to choose from – metal fences, GPS fence systems, RV pens with extra security, and affordable outdoor enclosures.


Consider your dog’s size and energy levels, and whether you need an indoor or outdoor pen, choose the right dog pen for camping and ensure a safe and fun camping experience for both of you.