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Best Dog Camping Gear 2023

Camping with your dog can be so much fun and a heck of a lot easier if you have the right gear. There are unlimited options to help keep your dog comfortable and safe in all kinds of environments. But choosing the best dog camping gear can be overwhelming and down right time consuming!


We’ve reviewed a LOT of dog camping gear and have chosen our top picks to make it easier for you to make the right decision. Each product will make camping with your dog a whole lot more enjoyable.


Just in case you’re super impatient, we’ve condensed the final results in the table below.


If you scroll further, you’ll see our unbiased opinion of each product and why we think each deserves to be on the list. 


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Best Dog Camping Gear 2023

RUFFWEAR - Insulated, Water Resistant Cold Weather Jacket for DogsCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
VAILGE - Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat with Mesh Window and Scratch PreventionCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Dog Life Jacket, Swimming Safety Vest with HandleCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
VEGAPOP - Dog Sleeping Bag for CampingCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
OUTRAV - Portable Elevated Dog Bed for Traveling and Camping for Dogs of all SizesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
MIDWEST - Portable Dog Travel Crate with 2 Doors, Folds EasilyCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
JOICYCO - Dog Crate Mat, Non-slip Soft Crate Pad, Multiple SizesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
COLEMAN - Quick Set Up Dome Tent with Screen Room and PorchCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
DURATOYS - Dog Toy Bundle, Includes Dog Bone, Dog Ball, Rope Toys and Chew Toys (3 Sizes)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
PET DREAMLAND - Hands Free Dog Leash for Walking and Hiking. Adjustable Waist Belt, Reflective StitchingCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
ROAM - Premium Dog Collar - Adjustable Heavy Duty Nylon Collar with Quick-Release Metal Buckle, Multiple SizesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
AWAKELION - Collapsible Dog Bowls, 2 Pack Portable Travel Dog Food and Water Kit for Walking, Camping and HikingCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
TUFF MUTT - Poop Bag holder with Bags IncludedCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Trails and Everyday UseCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
HOME VET BAG - The Ultimate Portable Dog First Aid Kit for Any Emergency with Your DogCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
EMMYS BEST - Dog Sun Skin Protector Spray, Safe for All Breeds with No Zinc OxideCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

So there you have it in a nutshell. For those who like a bit more detail about each product including star ratings, read on to find out why they made it onto our list.


Ruffwear Insulated Dog Jacket

The ruffwear insulated dog jacket is made for cold weather activities. It’s made from a two-way technical stretch fabric – comfortable and allows a dog to have a full range of movement whilst staying well insulated. People say that this jacket is easy to put on and take off.


The sleeves provide extra warmth. A reflective strip means your dog is visible in low light. The six sizes and 3 colors ensure that there is one to fit any size dog.


Vailge Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog hair can be super hard to get out of car upholstery, so we figured that a seat cover is super useful when traveling to your camping spot. Dog seat covers also prevent those annoying scratch marks on doors.


It was important to us to find a dog car hammock with a mesh window – dogs need ventilation, especially in warmer weather.


Out of all the car seat covers, the Vailge stood out with it’s 2 size options and seat belt included. It can also be used in a number of different ways to suit different needs.


This brand also had a whole lot of great reviews from buyers.


Ruffwear Dog Life Jacket

Dog-friendly camping is all the more fun with some water fun thrown in! Once again, Ruffwear has come out on top here. This cool dog buoyancy aid comes in lots of sizes and 3 very cool colors.


It’s the best dog life jacket for sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding with dogs, and water retrieval games.


The design isn’t restrictive and allows for natural swimming motion. It features an adjustable neck closure to suit all dogs. The sturdy handle ensures that your dog is always able to be lifted out of the water.


Vegapop Dog Sleeping Bag

When cold camping with a dog, a warm sleeping bag for your dog is a must. We think this is the best dog sleeping dog for camping for several reasons.


This one is a simple design with a handy velcro strap to ensure your dog is snug. The bag is super soft fleece-lined for extra warmth and comfort.  There are also 2 colors to choose from and 3 sizes – you’ll find one to suit your pooch.


The bag can be packed away in a carry bag for storage and transport. And it’s machine washable. Your search for a dog sleeping bag for winter camping is over!


Outrav Portable Camping Dog Bed

A folding dog bed for camping – who would’ve thought! This product is awesome for keeping your dog comfy when you’re dogsploring. We love that the dog camper bed is raised off the ground to keep your dog insulated and safe from creepy crawlies.


The powder-coated steel frame is strong enough to hold dogs up to 100lbs and it comes in 2 sizes. It easily collapses down to be stored and transported in a compact carry bag. 


This is the best camping dog bed we’ve found.


Midwest Portable Dog Crate

You might be thinking “How can a steel crate be portable?”. There are a few reasons why we’ve chosen this steel crate as the best collapsible dog crate over a soft crate for camping.


A steel crate is way more durable than a soft crate. The construction makes it super strong whilst still being lightweight. Your dog will be safe and secure in this portable puppy crate – no dog can chew its way out of this one!


These crates come in so many size options that every size dog can be catered for. One crate can last from puppyhood right through to a fully grown dog with some simple conversions.


The floor is made of a high-grade plastic that keeps messes contained makes washing super easy. Phew!


It also folds down flat (easily slides into your car) and can be set up at your campsite in seconds. Hands down winner!


JoicyCo Dog Crate Mat

No crate is complete without a comfy crate mat and this one takes the cake!


It’s made of super comfy premium plush material to keep the most discerning dogs happy. This durable dog crate mat is washable which makes life easy. In fact, you might need 2!


It has a non-slip base so won’t move around on any slippery surface. Mats like these are very maneuverable so can be used in and out of the crate.


The mat comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors – we love the blue!


Coleman Dog Friendly Tent with Porch

This tent is perfect for those who want something that is compact but spacious enough for 2 people and a small to medium-sized dog. At 10 x 9 feet (inside) and 10 x 5 feet (porch), there’s plenty of room to move. There are 2 sizes available and we think this tent is one of the best tents for 2 adults and a dog.


You and your dog will stay warm and dry in this tent – it has reinforced seams and can withstand wet, windy conditions. 


There’s even a screened porch – great for those warmer nights when the insects are ravenous. The porch is even large enough for the elevated dog bed if you need some privacy. 


Really large or raucous dogs may find this tent restrictive. But we think that for beginner campers who want something that’s easy to set up, spacious and great value, it’s the best tent for dogs. A great all-round dog camping tent.


Duratoys Dog Toy Bundle

This toy bundle really does have your dog covered. The 3 different packs cater to small, medium, and large dogs. Each bundle includes toys for chewers, tuggers, and fetchers. A great kit to take for those exploring trips to keep your pal happy and you don’t have a bone at the ready. The tug-of-war dog toys are our personal favorite.


These Duratoy brand toys are new to the market but the feedback so far is incredible. They’ve clearly done their homework.


Extra points for these toys being made out of recyclable materials.  It’s 5 stars from us!


Pet Dreamland Hands Free Dog Leash

It was hard to go past this multi-purpose leash for its sheer versatility. 


Let’s start by reassuring you that this leash can be used for regular walking with the dog on one end and the owner holding the leash in the other. But unlike regular rope leads, it’s so much more!


No matter what you like doing when you’re out exploring, this leash can keep your dog secure and your hands free. Think hiking in the woods, trail running, and good old-fashioned strolling. 


There are all the safety features (reflective stitching, bungee, soft neoprene). And 5 great colors and 4 size options to boot.


Roam Dog Collar

The Roam adjustable collar is just so darned gorgeous! It’s simple and attractive but the design is really functional.


A lot of stunning color options and sizes. These collars are super tough with sturdy hardware and high-quality quick-release buckle.


Great commitment to customer service with a clear warranty.


Awakelion Collapsible Dog Bowls

At first, we weren’t so sure about these water bowls. There are so many great silicone bowls on the market – what could be so special about these?


We were shocked! These bowls are lightweight, durable, and super easy to store. They can even be folded flat enough to fit into a pocket. A collapsible travel dog bowl that fits in a pocket!


The leakproof lining is easy to clean and the outer shell is really tough oxford cloth. 


The collapsible dog food container is a bonus that we thought would be great for those short weekend camping trips. It holds up to a week’s worth of dog food!


Not to mention, they look great.


Tuff Mutt Poop Bag Holder with Bags

Most poop bag holders aren’t made to withstand the great outdoors.


Tuff Mutt has created a poop bag holder that is lightweight but tough. It’s super easy to attach to your leash with a velcro strip. This dog poop bag carrier will hold extra items such as keys which is super convenient.


These bags have a lifetime guarantee which in our book, is great!


Ruffwear Dog Harness

Camping with a dog often means hitting the trails and a dog hiking harness is like this one is perfect for the job. If you like a bit more speed, then this is the dog running harness for you. This one (thanks again Ruffwear!) is a great solution.


Thousands of happy customers love this harness for more reasons than one. The color range is incredible for starters. And size? They’ve got you covered. 


It’s the quality, comfort, and attention to detail that this harness boasts. This is the perfect fit harness for all dogs big and small.


If you’re after a well-made harness to keep your dog secure, look no further.


Ultimate Dog First Aid Kit

Wow, this vet kit has everything you could possibly think of (apart from your dog’s prescription medication of course).


Such peace of mind. Throw this k9 first aid kit in the car when you go on your dog-friendly camping trip.


Should your dog need veterinary attention, most things should be covered with this comprehensive vet bag. It’s the perfect dog first aid kit for hiking injuries such as cuts and scrapes.


The kit includes a handy pet first aid manual and 58 pieces all bundled neatly into a cool little travel bag. 


Saves trying to gather all those little bits yourself – this dog first aid kit for camping gets our tick!


Emmy’s Dog Sun Protection Spray

People are the only ones that need to stay sun-safe. This formulation is for all of our four-legged friends, not just dogs with pink noses!


Great for hiking, camping, and days at the beach. Those dogs who love water sports need head-to-tail protection from the sun’s glare. Dog nose sunburn is a real risk.


This sun spray boasts ingredients that won’t harm your dog. The pump spray is really easy to apply, unlike lotions and aerosols.


We love that this is made right here in the USA – nice work Emmys!


Best Dog Camping Gear – It’s a Wrap!

Golden retriever lying in the door of a tentIf you want to learn more about camping with your dog, check out our Guide to Tent Camping with Dogs.


We sincerely hope that our research has made it easy for you to choose the best dog camping gear for your next dogploring adventure.


Jenni C.
Jenni C.

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